Monday, October 29, 2007

signed, sealed, kinda delivered?

I always have this sudden influx of anxiety whenever I have to sort out the things I'll put into an application portfolio. Schools always ask for your best work to display-- when all you really want to do is bring in a trash bag of all your shit and just have the admissions council pick out the ones they like. Because seriously-- for the $75 application fee, they might as well give you a piggy-back ride to the admission office.

I spent most of my day today scanning, photographing, and spending loads of cash on slides ($50 total for 17 digital to print slides! That was a nice pair of shoes or a boatload of fabric I didn't need, but totally could've purchased!) Still waiting for another letter of recommendation and transcript requests. I'm always waiting around for these things.

While digging around for portfolio info, I came across an unfinished application to RISD circa 2005. Holding the dog-eared paper in my hands, I immediately recalled the feelings of doubt, intimidation, and full blown insecurity I felt while trying to somewhat intelligently answer it's harrowing questions.

'Please outline your future goals and expectations within the framework of your chosen major. What do you expect of yourself within the next four years?'

No more living at home with elderly people.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

smug is the new 'fug

Is it wrong to want to "one-up" someone when they're being annoyingly smug? While waiting outside a restaurant last night, I decide to start up conversation with a seemingly cute asian girl (also waiting, but sitting on her vintage-appropriate hipster bicycle.)

Me: "So did you guys go to the after party kegger?"
Her: "Um, no. I've been swigging from this 40oz in my bag the entire ride, so me and my friend decided to peace-out early."

"Wow, nice! Biking back home from this point then?"

"Yeah. I'm an artist?* So, my friend and I are biking back to my artist studio tonight."

Now, a little thrown off kilter I awkwardly reply, "It would be better if you had an artist... yacht."

[insert weird silence-- thankfully her friend rolled up immediately after so I could stop avoiding eye-contact with her]

POINT OF STORY: I HATE it when people make smuggish-type statements in the form of questions. They always feel like, 'Duh, can't you just tell by looking at me?' answers; all of which should be responded with a punch to the face.

No shit? You're an ARTIST?! WITH A STUDIO TO MATCH?!! Yeah. I'm a still-live-at-home-with-my-mom-artist? So, tonight my friends and I are going back to our still-live-at-home-with-my-mom-artist-studios, also known as HOME.

Maybe I'm just a hater. I don't know.

Sunday, October 21, 2007



I am moving to Russia.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Actual office job, not so bad.

Last Friday, I spent about 98% of my time working in the Advising Center creating this picture of Meowmeow for David's birthday cake. Unfortunately, both Albertson's and Baskin Robbins proved themselves to be a bitch-and-a-half when it came to pre-ordering photo cakes. Minimum time it takes to create a cake is TWO DAYS! That is preposterous for the procrastinator/last-minute retard (i.e. Myself)

So despite the booze, Marie Calendars pie (Thank you Diane!), and copious amount of friends, there was no edible effigy of our cat for David's b-day party. I figure I'll just make a calendar out of this or something-- anyone care for 12 months of Meowmeow wearing different outfits? I can already imagine him in April with a bowler hat and in June, some Ray-Bans.


Didn't really get much done today in terms of work-work. HOWEVER. I did manage to bathe my 34718278251 year old dog and carefully remove a huge scab around her right ear. It took about an hour and a half of careful CAREFUL clipping with scissors/suppressed urges to vomit. After the whole ordeal was over I went into SUPERLAZYMODE and decided I had done my fill of busy work for the day-- yet I still missed watching HEROES.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am on this thing too much.

Spent most of my day sitting hunched in front of my laptop, pounding out a boat-load of design specs for a winery website whose wine I don't even drink/enjoy (aside from paying me, yes-- BUT STILL.)

Illustration-wise, I have been extremely stagnant. I am not in the place I want to be in terms of art. After our last company meeting regarding design work that we'd put onto our website portfolio-- I'm officially back on the fence with this graphic design firm. Do I really want to work/own a company whose target market is mostly Real Estate agencies, BRO-ish t-shirt companies, and anything else that is totally void of edge (yet replete with mediocrity?) My boss always talks of me moving on to bigger things when I go back to school, but I amicably digress his compliments every time. Why? Because I am retarded. Also because I've been fortunate enough to work with a seasoned designer and owner who is so nice and willing to help me that it's almost disturbing. Every time we talk I try to deduce what makes my boss so friendly (so far I think it's because he's one of those "I-HELP-EVERYONE" Christians; he always has 'Go to Church' reminders on his own to-do list and his dogs are named after famous the Protestants Luther and Calvin. QUITE the sherlock holmes i am.)

I wish my brain were like a piñata: the more i beat the crap out of it, the more goodies will come spewing out.

so far, no snickers bar-- but some new links instead: - Dale's design mag. I want him to become famous already so I can live on his couch again. We had our per-usual 'I AM WHACKED OUT TIRED BUT LETS TALK ABOUT RANDOM SHIT LOL" phone convo earlier today. I hope he finally got some sleep. - After last week's INSANE Critical Mass ride through The Grove (on a FRIDAY night) Mann's Chinese Theater, and various parts of West Hollywood, Ken-chan and I are officially addicted to bike riding. Thanks to this calendar, our nights of DVD TV-series-humping/random bar-drinking are no more (which kind of makes me sad inside a little.) Come join us! - I added a twitter account because because because because. I don't know why. BUT i do believe everyone should add an account so I can stalk the crap out of you 24/7. I am all about the easy access to people's lives as opposed to calling them! HELL YES.