Thursday, November 23, 2006

potato peeling, lack of sleep

like a terrible one night stand, my 24th birthday came and went. (har?) i am left with an amusing assortment of gadgets, free dinners/drinks, the best pie ever made, and a room empty of grandpa.

i still sleep on the cot; my little bed of various blankets and pillows that is butted against the sliding closet door. there is a large empty space in the middle of the room that almost seems to hum of emptiness. though, i feel as if i've gained more than lost. i'm sure grandpa feels the exact same.

now! time to get back into the mindless routine of a job (my current one as mt. sac's advising center graphic designer, comes to a close as the winter break nears.) i'm torn between the possibility of clothing retail (it would be like getting discounts on DRUGS!) or another job doing graphic design. the latter pays more and is easier to do, as i would most likely not have to deal with clothes horses waving their declined credit cards in my face. also, even though the graphic design job is a bit of zombie work, the day always seems to go by extremely fast for me; my five hour shifts suddenly feel condensed into two, and i don't even break for food or potty!

the time to move out is nearing as well. i have nary both a place to live or people to live with. sharing a place with david would be nice, but we would be found dead underneath our piles of junk in no less than a week-- five days tops. i have so much crap as is. you'd think clothes and fabric would be somewhat of a clutter misnomer, because you can fold them and neatly hang them up, right? HELLS NO! when that shit is in ass-load piles the size of wisconsin, my room becomes sort of wasteland.

i do love Bianca's comment though, "a hobo's room" indeed!

it's almost a quarter to four in the morning, meaning it's Thanksgiving. Already? It still feels like it just turned 2005 for me. So then is it possible to summarize 2006? The year to end all years in terms of important events, in both my own life and in others.

but to summarize would mean to think hard-- a brain function unavailable to me right now on account of no sleep (and reading tons of gossip blogs.)


among all the electronics i got for my bday, david's Mobiblu cube remains the favorite; a tiny mp3 player and speaker set that i can accidentally swallow?! What FEATURES! i love it.