Monday, August 28, 2006

today, abridged.

went to eat pho with elliot, ken-chan, and david. apparently while i was drunky mcdrunk drunk on wine the other night, i had not only created an entire song and dance to a casio keyboard melody, but i also tried to use the restroom in richard's bedroom. thankfully, richards reaction was more of confusion than anger or disgust. nice!

stopped by danny's house to drop off his camera. i found him sitting at the kitchen nook, surrounded by children (nieces and nephews), and ass-loads of happy meals. he looked like shit as of a result of drinking a reserviors worth of booze at the golden gopher last night. he then showed me pictures of people we knew in high school, who were now all terribly attractive with power-professions to boot; a definite self-esteem boost no doubt! i wished him a safe trip back home to berkeley and gave him a long hug goodbye.

proceeded to drive out to a t.g.i.f. in cerritos to pick up jo and help her sort things out between her and her boyfriend (she had called me earlier in the day, asking me to pick her up-- something about her clothes being thrown out into the street). when i finally get there she's piss-drunk telling me that the three guys who bought her drinks were, to some effect, "really nice-- but i can't remember their names..." i greet them; three middle-aged police officers from Inglewood named steve, ed, and art. they buy me a strawberry shake and comment on my style having, "flava." they insist on paying the bill and both wish us luck in the recovery of jo's clothing/rotting relationship with her boyfriend.

jo suggests we eat at lucilles bbq first before any awkward encounter. we share a tri-tip, baby rib, and chicken platter with crab cakes, sweet potato, and mac&cheese. food coma ensues, mostly for jo, and she passes out in my car while i try to solve sudoku puzzles on my DS. my car battery dies, we get it jumped. i drive her to her boyfriends and pick up her things while she waits in my car.

at this point, today isn't all that much abridged. i get most of jo's stuff, take her to a travelodge and leave her to her own devices. i drive home and find everyone asleep-- including mom, whose lip was stung earlier by a hornet. sleeping soundly next to grandma, she looked as if she had collagen implants instead.

while cleaning my face in the bathroom, i hear my phone ring an unfamiliar chime. i pick up to hear bianca's beloved voice on the other line. it was 2 in the afternoon in korea, and she was just having some lunch. we talked about her school and how she wanted to literally murder her class of 15 year old girls the other day. she wants to travel to cambodia, vietnam, and thailand for her winter break. all third-world countries! all practically filipino in both language, poverty, and urban under-development! i'm going with her!

david finished watching snakes on a plane. he called to remind me of class at 8 am tomorrow. suctioned some phlegm from grandpas throat before finishing this. read diane's blog and felt compelled to let her know how much i enjoy watching the golden girls as well.