Wednesday, January 30, 2008

requisite avoiding-work quiz

I am considered 64% Geek according to the standards established by this quiz. Though, looking back at the first few questions that I answered-- do I really need to give myself a percentile if I can immediately answer Star Wars (It was Greedo who shot first, THEN Han) and Star Trek: Next Generation (Ferengi have excellent hearing, hence their huge ears) trivia? How did I ever get guys to go out with me?!

I put partial blame on my older brother; we hung out A LOT when we were kids. Also, the first car accident I was ever involved in was with him and his girlfriend (who could speak KLINGON!) while we were all on our way to a Star Trek convention in Pasadena.

Looking back again, how did my brother ever get married?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

$400 rent to be someone's "life coach"...

David and I are both still on waiting lists for housing; the ladies at the CalArts housing office remain both unusually optimistic and extremely vague, "We are 300% almost certain that you'll maybe get housing next week!"

After the school (dis)orientation, we looked around at apartments outside of campus and managed to only find a guy who was offering a literal closet for $700 a month (upon meeting him for the first time he immediately quipped without hesitation, "Yeah so like, I smoke pot. I have a medical card for it though, so yeah.") Not only was he barefoot when he met us in the parking lot, but his hands also had a yellow tint to them.


One of the art program directors seemed to sympathize with our last-minute housing dilemma and referred us to a korean guy who was renting out a master bedroom for only $570 including utilities. We're going to look at the place once I sign up for classes today (a task which in itself is going to be the shittiest of shit-storms-- judging by the slightly confused look on the admission director's face upon explaining the class sign-up "process.") All the practicums I wanted to take are full and to make things even more retarded, since I'm coming in as a second semester 3rd year, I'm already somehow expected to know what the hell to do (...lay face down on the floor?!)

I want to be excited about school, but I can't seem to gather any enthusiasm without knowing for sure that I'll have a place to live in. The frenzied search for rooms and the limited window I have to move shit around grows smaller and smaller each passing day. These next few days leading up to Monday are already covered in insanity: class sign-up, bianca's birthday, finding and moving into SOMEWHERE, work at Mt.SAC, last Reve company meeting, driving mom to visit Evvy, semi-going away part/sister-in-law's 30th bday, eating shit, dying.

Also, I need to find a gym! I am being torn away from the comfort and solace of my treadmill at home-- forced to succumb to my extreme phobia of exercising around other people. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. I WILL END UP KILLING SOMEONE.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I can't believe it's not butter

This was yet another overwhelmingly strange new year. The list goes as follows:

1. My grandma, the surrogate mother of my youth and the only person I used to watch Bold & The Beautiful with-- passed away on December 30, 2007.

2. That same morning, my "friend-o-drama" Jo gave birth to a little baby girl. I am now an auntie.

3. Spent the count-down on new years driving down the 10 freeway with my aunt from New York; I had just picked her up from Ontario Airport at 11:45pm.

4. Had a slew of funeral arrangement meetings, late night photo collage scanning, and a 11hr Kinko's please-photo-copy-this-shit-correctly marathon.

5. Buried grandma on the 5th. Didn't cry as much as I thought I would-- up until later on that night when I watched Roman Holiday by myself whilst clutching the pillow grandma made me when I was five years old (it's a really old and dirty pillow.)

I begin registration and find out my dorm assignment this Thursday. I am still completely oblivious to the fact that I am moving and that I actually need to pack my things. I am hesitant to make a list because I don't feel like driving around, nor do I feel like packing to begin with. I figure I'll just wear everything I want to bring, topped off with a poncho, and a sack of the shoes I'll eventually wear.

Ate at gr/eats today with Mike, Diana, and David (I had the paella and half of a seared ahi tuna sandwich-- NOT BAD!) We later visited GR2 next door, only to find out that it's INFESTED WITH TERMITES. No joke. I was browsing a display case by the store front window and found a swarm of the bugs chowing down on the wooden moulding. For a moment I thought it was part of an art exhibit-- but, judging by the immediate horror of the shop-girl's face upon asking her about it, I guess not.

Also, still not packing.