Friday, March 13, 2009

Project Proposal

Just an excerpt of a recent proposal I sent out to a teacher at school:

A large amount of my art making practice here at CalArts deals with
packaging design and the psychology of how we as zombie-consumers approach
"packaged" materials; specifically as to how a container can effect the
buyers behavior/attention, regardless of the quality/importance of the
containers contents.

In response to the overwhelming amount of damage inflicted onto the
equipment of the Print Lab-- despite Orientation attendance/acknowledged
fear of Dansby's Wrath-- I want to create a comprehensive "packet" of lab
info that students can keep either on hand (pocket-sized brochure) or
receive upon attending orientation (potato-chip-sized package with
booklet). The packet will re-iterate info already present on the print lab
website, but I will attempt to re-contextualize the information in a
booklet that is easy to read/access. In regards to packaging, I want to
create a simple, but curiously stylized packet that will entice students
to further understand the responsibilities & policies of the print lab--
if not grind it into their skulls that precious dollars/kitties are wasted
away each day whenever something breaks and/or is irresponsibly handled.

A futile task? Most likely-- but for the record I once completely sold-out packets of my own hair and nail clippings for $1-- all as a result of how the items were
packaged. Doesn't say much about the students of CalArts, but it makes as
a funny story.

I don't want to be busy on my CalArts dime anymore-- despite my classes already lacking in terms of actual "schoolwork." I'm currently welding my own bike frame (see also: spending way more money as opposed to just buying a finished one) avoiding work on my interdisp. grant project, and managing a sewing club at school.

But all i really REALLY want to do: watch Battlestar Gallactica. And. Eat. Chocolate.


Blogger said...

lets trade places!!!!!!!!!

im tired of eating chocolate and watching dragon balls for dayssss

unemployed scientist sucks.

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