Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i put the 'mew' in 'homework'

"i could've at least been a useless art major."

oh yeah, as oppossed to being in a shitty abusive relationship and majoring in business finance (see also: Tool) as your coming-of-age meiter. because art majors are just big craft-babies in disguise; we just sit around, snort coke, and fingerpaint all day long.

(while the aforementioned is partially true, the latter is totally understated-- especially when you're really on the whack.)

i've got two paintings, three logo comps, and japanese homework to fellate in the next five or so hours before school. why am i on this thing?! is it because i spent a large portion of my life devoted to a talent, only to have someone tell me that it's USELESS? where are degas, lautrec, and goya when you need their back?!

yes, they are dead.

maybe it was just an facetious comment, BUT STILL! after stressing my brains out over work that's due in less than 72 hours-- it's a total ferret-in-my pants to hear someone say what i do is worthless.

hey, a list:

1. younger cousin with a bun in the oven and getting married in december.
2. grandpa back from hospital; doing well, eating lots of stuff.
3. room is semi-clean with a chance of vaccumed. the weekday forecast looks sunny, unless another 'where the hell did i put it?!' shitstorm approaches.
4. i miss bianca all the time on skype! jane-- get me on this crazy thing!
5. i ate a lamb shank for dinner and this time, it didn't taste like plastic! this is probably because i skipped eating plastic earlier.
6. homework is stil not done. school in seven hours.

time to read more gawker!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

what does it mean when you get into a shouting match with your grandfather over who wants to die more?

lately, everyone at home has gone ULTIMATE WARRIOR annoying on me; all my efforts to appease turn up as just drops in an insanely large bucket. what does it possibly take to satisfy three old people?!

death, ultimately-- but it's means reward themselves with jail time.

the road out from here to art school looks long and treacherous, but i'm willing to sacrifice (no more spending on food! $6 wine is the new slimfast!) also, BIGlots has become my new supermarket, regardless of it's wary 'no preservatives/extremely limiteed shelflife' tags. i'm getting four vegan noodle boxes for $5 and no if's and's or poo-butt's about it!


staying up till 4 a.m. watching 'Arrested Development' was a nice relief:

"Michael, you are not quite the ladies man I had pictured. Hopefully, we will remedy that when we are in the spa spreading body chocolate on each other."

am i the only person who wants david cross and dave attel to be the enxt Odd Couple?