Friday, July 13, 2007

a dusty loft bed

sleeping in my own bed is strange, as I have spent the past year and a half bunking in my grandpa's room. my loft bed, after having cleared a mountain of clothing off of it, has enough dust to reconstruct another human being, let alone send me convulsing with sneezes every time I lie down on it.

i am partly tired (mostly lazy) at the end of my work day to change the bedding of said loft bed. i sleep with a sweater on in lieu of a blanket, and roll up a pair of jeans to use as a makeshift pillow. the mornings are a little unpleasant again; i do not miss the hassle of having to climb down from my bed-shelf when I'm half awake and full of piss.

Diana and I hung out earlier and talked about the possibility of moving to Portland next year. Her determination is infectious. We talked about opening our own gallery/bakeshop, riding bikes in the middle of the night, and fermenting apple cider at home. "We could be a pair of old azn lesbians!"

because everyone loves those.


i wish i could go out on blind dates with art schools; anything to get a reasonable first impression/general assessment of how a prospective relationship between us would work out. schools that did not find my stridently retarded, pun-joke soliloquies amusing would be the first off the list-- but then again if this were the case, there would be no other schools left to attend.


our trip to korea was amazing and japan was surprisingly pleasant. they both have FamilyMart, thus all is well with the azn homies. i enjoyed korea's 24hr bath houses, corn dog stands, and transit system the most. i did not enjoy all the white rice (it makes me poo shy and hesitant to go out.)