Sunday, December 24, 2006

visiting hours while in the bowels of hell

though i was a complete idiot for deciding to buy sandpaper at wal-mart around 11 p.m. last night (imagine Exodus sans moses, the parting of the red sea, and invariably, TONS of agro people.) it was nice to meet with dale among the throngs of hicks and spend 3847107019248 hours thereafter, talking over coffee at denny's.

i saw steven at church this morning and couldn't think of anything to say other than comment on the ring of fat surrounding his neck. we were cordial with our families and all, but MAN-- why was i with this guy for a little over a year? i go through physical spasms just over the thought that i actually shared part of myself with him.

but his family looks good!

also! bianca comes back home tonight! i'll try to contain my excitement, seeing that she'll only have two weeks to see family, her ass-load of college friends, and somehow try to manage her weird sleep cycle. if i'm lucky i'll get to see her for an hour or so (whilst staring at her from outside her window.)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

fotos and friends

sifting through bianca's flickr makes me miss her. a lot. i also left an assload of comments because the things she encounters in korea are so different from here.

(lazer shows & fog machines at weddings; grandmas who never age, etc.)

the reminders are constant too. i was watching some health program on tv the other day about the significance of cartoon characters in influencing what kids choose to eat. In a test, several five year olds had to choose what they would prefer to eat for breakfast: a banana, or a rock covered in scooby doo stickers.

"i want the rock."
"are you sure-- for breakfast?"

(kid reaches over for rock and happily jumps in her seat)

"rock! rock for breakfast!"


for some reason, while uncontrollably laughing at how F.A.S.'d these children were, I couldn't help but think of B-- and how we'd be quoting the show for weeks on end.

"i want rock! ROCKS FOR BREAKFAST!"

addendum: the kids were also presented a choice between a cupcake of the american flag, or a cupcake of elmo. of course, i immediately gravitated towards the elmo cupcake-- because c'mon it's ELMO! so, to be fair, i can kinda see where these kids are coming from.