Saturday, April 28, 2007

third persons

Becky spent most of her day indolently wandering about town with David, only later to conclude her Friday evening with heavy drinks and eggnog muffins at Elliots. Schlepping around in the background of course were current job responsibilites: a dvd package to finalize, memos to read, and work hours to log in. Regardless of impending tasks, lengthy searches of Dita Von Teese photos, the eating of roastbeef sandwiches, and hanging out with her cousin from New York, proved to be more effectual tasks.

For the most part she wished that summer would just hurry it's slothly-ass up and let her graduate from something already, because contrary to investing 6+ years at a community college, nobody gives out a PhD for Attendance.

To whatever extent, an Associate Degree replete in all it's tepid effort, was her reward for what seemed to play out as the most over-extended stay at an Adult Day Care, ever.