Wednesday, December 12, 2007

let's celebrate festivus instead

Vik Prjónsdóttir makes the best knitted gifts-- though, since they're based in Iceland this comes as no surprise.

I began making one of these last night but then realized that it's never really cold enough here in Southern California to use (maybe for people who go snowboarding?) It seemed like a fun gift at the time, but why should I put a few days worth of needlework effort just to have it occupy the bottom of someone's sock drawer?

I love to make presents, but whenever I'm in the middle of a process, I always hear Mr. Birchum's Gift Guide (KROQ Christmas circa 1995) reverberating in the back of my mind:

"Just because you or your retarded kid made it, it's just going to make it THAT much harder to re-sell. Buy me the finish product, please."

I wish I could just skip the Holiday season altogether. I also wish waitMate (featuring a perpetually creepy/handsome Jeff Goldblum) really did exist; I would take them by the pound.


Blogger annie said...

dude i hate holdiays too, they just remind me of how asian my parents are and how they don't do holiday shit and then i get all sad and orphany feeling.


i checked out yesstyle some more and gurl, i'm dying. everything is so cute. i want EVERYTHING.

1:30 PM  

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